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Wishon Golf's new 797HS Hybrids offer a high COR face design with slightly stronger lofts to deliver more distance when used off the tee on tight holes or longer Par-3 holes.  


The 797HS is also designed with three weight bores to allow as much as a 27 gram increase to the headweight, allowing custom building to a wide variety of shorter custom lengths at normal swingweights to achieve much better control and consistency with little to no loss of distance.  Designed with a slightly more narrow body shape with progressively taller face height, when set behind the ball the 797HS Hybrids look incredibly easy to hit consistently high to achieve maximum carry distance.


The Body and Hosel of the 797HS Hybrids are 2-Piece investment cast from 431 Stainless Steel.  The Face material is C455 High Strength Steel.


Available in #3 (20*), #4 (23*) and #5 (26*) in Right Hand Model only.




Head/Body Material:     2-Piece Investment Cast 431 Stainless Steel

Face Material:     C455 High Strength Steel, variable thickness face construction

Loft:     20 Deg (3 Hybrid),  23 Deg. (4 Hybrid),  26 Deg. (5 Hybrid)

Lie:     58 Deg. (#3Hybrid),  59 Deg. (#4 Hybrid),  60 Deg. (#5 Hybrid) 

Weight:     240 gr. (#3 Hybrid),  247 gr. (#4 Hybrid),  254 gr. (#5 Hybrid)

Face Height:     33mm (#3 Hybrid),  35mm (#4 Hybrid), 35mm (#5 Hybrid)

Face Width:     82mm 

Hosel:     .335"


Player Profile:   High to Low Handicappers


Available in Right Hand Models ONLY (#3 Hybrid, #4 Hybrid, #5 Hybrid)


The Wishon 797HS Hybrid is built with the Wishon S2S White Graphite Hybrid shaft and Wishon V-Series Classic Grip.


Please provide Hybrid Length Preference 



Available Shaft  


Wishon S2S White Graphite Hybrid - Wishon Golf's most popular shaft.  Designed with a slightly stiffer lower tip section to offer more control through impact for a tighter dispersion.

Flex:  Senior, Regular, Stiff     Weight:  73 Grams (Senior), 75 Grams (Regular), 78 Grams (Stiff),      Butt OD:  0.594" (Senior), .598" (Regular), .602" (Stiff)    Tip OD: .335”

Torque:  3.8 Deg. (Senior),  3.7 Deg. (Regular),  3.5 Deg. (Stiff)     Length (Raw): 41”


If you are interested in another shaft brand just e-mail us at and we will provide pricing.




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Wishon Golf 797HS Hybrids


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