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The uniquely innovative 309 HCG wedges draw upon the proven science of vertical gear effect to achieve an increase in backspin.  We are aware that impact below the CG (Center of Gravity) with a driver increases backspin due to the principle of the vertical gear effect.  Wishon Golf has employed this lesser known principle of clubhead dynamics to create an all new family of wedges that deliver enhanced backspin by moving mass higher on the head to position the CG above the typical point of impact on the face.


Impact below the CG causes the head to rotate slightly forward which causes the ball to roll uo the face to offer a slight increase in backspin over the normal reaction of the ball to the friction of the areas between scorelines.   Adding to the spin enhancing weight distribution on the 309 HCG wedges ins the R&A/USGA legal milled face.


The 309 HCG Wedges feature a 431 Stainless Steel body which offers a soft feel with a long lasting appearance.  Available in HIGH HAND in 50 Deg. (GW),  55 Deg. (SW), and 60 Deg. (LW), as well as a 55 Deg. Wide Sole (SW).  LEFT HAND available in 50 Deg. (GW),  55 Deg. (SW) and 60 Deg. (LW).   Wedges built with Wishon V-Series Classic Grip.


Wedges are built in the following lengths:  36" (GW),  35.5" (SW),  35.5" (LW).  If you prefer a diffent length please specify when ordering.




Lofts (Deg.):    50 Deg. (GW),  55 Deg. (SW),  60 Deg. (LW)

Offset (mm):    1mm

Lie Angle (Deg.):     64 Deg.

Weight (Grams):    284 gr. (GW),  300 gr. (SW),  296 gr. (LW)

Hosel (Inches): .370"

Sole Angle:   8 Deg. (GW),  12 Deg. (SW),  10 Deg. (LW)

Toe Height:   59.5mm (GW),  61mm (SW),  61mm (LW)

Heel Height:   35mm (GW),  36mm (SW),  36mm (LW)

Blade Length:   83mm

Material:  431 Stainless Steel


Available Shafts  

True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel

Wishon Golf S2S Black 85 gr. Graphite (+$25.00)





FREE SHIPPING on all US orders over $100.00

Wishon Golf 309 HCG Wedges

  • The 309 HGC Wedges with Selected Shaft available right hand and left hand. Lofts:  50 Deg. (GW), 55 Deg. (SW), and 60 Deg. (LW).  Also, Wide Sole 309 HCG Wedge available in 55 Deg. (SW) RIGHT HAND ONLY.

  • Guarantee   Tee Star Golf Products offers a limited money back guarantee on all our custom built clubs. We want you to be satisfied. If you are not satisfied, please contact us and we will give you instructions on how to return your order via United States Postal Service, Priority Mail prepaid.

    Our golf clubs are custom built to your individual specifications. We cannot warrant your satisfaction if you choose not to have Tee Star Golf Products build your golf club to your individual specifications.


    Your custom built golf club must be returned undamaged beyond what is considered customary and reasonable for normal usage. Our clubheads carry a lifetime warranty and the shafts we carry have a one year warranty. The clubheads and shafts sold by Tee Star Golf Products carry warranties against defects in the materials by the manufacture of said components. We will not warranty our custom built golf clubs if they have been misused.

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