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The Wishon Golf 585PC (Progressive Cavity) irons are the next generation of true forged carbon steel irons from Wishon Golf.  As the first company to use CNC machining to create the entire back design of a forged iron with the 560MC in 2007, Wishon Golf has expanded on this with the 585PC, using a unique progressive design across the set.


The 585PC combine a progressive cavity back design on the #4 to #7 irons with a progressive musscleback design on the #8 to AW irons, with each iron's back design fully created by CNC machining to achieve a precise position of the CG in each iron.


The 585PC cavity back #4 to #7 iron demonstrate a progr ession of the major rear mass below the back cavity from the lowest on the #4 iron, slightly higher with each iron to the #7 iron.  This keeps the CG lower on the low loft irons to enhance launch angle and spin.


The 585PC muscleback #8 iron to the AW present a gradual vertical rise in the mass of the muscleback to slightly raise  the CG to optimize shot height as loft increases to prevent ballooning of the shot.


The 585PC forged irons are the first 5-step forged from soft 1035C carbon steel before each back design is fully created by CNC machining, to reduce internal voids which results in superior impact feel.  The U-groove scorelines of the 585PC are individually CNC machined under 2010 USGA/R&A guidelines and are fully conforming to  the Rules of Golf.


Available in Right Hand Model ONLY is tow set options:  #4-AW  or  #5-AW, with  Wishon Golf Grips.




Lofts (Deg.):    23 Deg. (4 Iron),  26 Deg. (5 Iron),  30 Deg. (6 Iron),  34 Deg. (7 Iron),  38 Deg. (8 Iron),  42 Deg. (9 Iron),  46 Deg. (PW),  50 Deg. (AW)

Offset (mm):    2mm (4 Iron),  2mm (5 Iron),  2mm (6 Iron),  2mm (7 Iron),   2mm (8 Iron),  2mm (9 Iron),  2mm (PW),  2mm (AW)

Lie Angle (Deg.):     59.5 Deg. (4 Iron),  60 Deg. (5 Iron),  61 Deg. (6 Iron),  62 Deg. (7 Iron),  63 Deg. (8 Iron),   64 Deg. (9 Iron),  64 Deg. (PW),  64 Deg.  (AW)

Weight (Grams):    246 gr. (4 Iron),  253 gr. (5 Iron),  260 gr. (6 Iron),  267 gr. (7 Iron),  274 gr. (8 Iron),  281 gr. (9 Iron),  284 gr. (PW),  284 gr. (AW)

Hosel (Inches): .370"

Sole Angle:   2 Deg. (4 Iron),  3 Deg. (5 Iron),  3 Deg. (6 Iron),  4 Deg. (7 Iron),  4 Deg. (* Iron),  5 Deg. (9 Iron),  5 Deg. (PW),  5 Deg. (AW)

Toe Height:   53mm (4 Iron),  54mm (5 Iron),  55mm (6 Iron),  55mm (7 Iron),  55mm (8 Iron),  56mm (9 Iron),  57mm (PW),  57mm (AW)

Heel Height:   30mm (4 Iron),  31mm (5 Iron),  32mm (6 Iron),  32mm (7 Iron),  32mm (8 Iron),  33mm (9 Iron),  34mm (PW),  34mm (AW)

Blade Length:   77mm

Material:   1035C Carbon Steel


Please provide 5 Iron Length Preference (38.5" 5-Iron Standard)


Available Shafts  

True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel

Wishon Golf S2S White 79 gr. Graphite 


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Wishon Golf 585PC Forged Irons

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  • The 585PC Forged Irons with Selected Shaft available in Right Hand.  4 Iron - AW set  &  5 Iron - AW set

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