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Sterling Irons is a brand of single length irons co-created by the legendary PGA of America Professional Jacob Bowden and golf industry club design icon Tom Wishon.   Using  their vast experience and the lates in research, testing methods, and technology they have created what many believe is the fiinest set of irons ever made.


As opposed to a conventional set of irons which have progressive lengths in which each club has a different weight and requires a different setup and swing, single length irons allow you to make the same swing with the same feel from the same setup . . . every time.


Unfortunately, in the past, single length irons have been too long in length, were not USGA approved, possibly non-conforming grooves along with other problems.  this has changed with the creation of the Sterling Single Length Irons.  With Sterling Irons, you have a set of irons that are generally easier to hit, very forgiving and on top of this they are great to look at.


The Sterling Irons conform to the USGA Rules of Golf.  They will allow you to strike the ball with more consistency.  They are great for palyers of all skill levels.

Set:   5 Iron thru PW


Available in Right Hand Model Only.


Sterling Single Length Irons can be built to 36.5", 36.75" or 37" length for each club based on  your preference and comfort.  These lengths contrasts with most other single length iron sets that are built to 37.5" length, which can generate too much distance with the high loft irons.


Build your Set:   5 Iron  -  PW ($699.00), or  5 Iron  -  GW ($815.50), or  5 Iron  -  SW ($932.00) .   Graphite Shafts +$25.00/per club.


Please provide Sterling Iron Length Preference (36.5", 36.75" or 37")


Lofts (Deg.):    23 Deg. (5 Iron),  27 Deg. (6 Iron),  31 Deg. (7 Iron),  35 Deg. (8 Iron),  40 Deg. (9 Iron),  45 Deg. (PW).   Also, available 50 Deg. (GW) and 55 Deg. (SW)

Offset (mm):    4.0 mm (5 Iron),  3.5 mm (6 Iron),  3.5 mm (7 Iron),  3.0 mm (8 Iron),  2.5 mm (9 Iron),  2.5 mm (PW).   Also, 2.5 mm (GW),  2.5 mm (SW). 

Lie Angle (Deg.):     63 Deg.

Weight (Grams):    274 gr.

Hosel (Inches): .370"

Material:   8620 Carbon Steel


Additional Clubs Available (Sold Separately):  50 Deg. (GW),  55 Deg. (SW)


Available Shafts  

Wishon Golf S2S Stepless Steel

Wishon Golf S2S Black 85 gr. Graphite (+$25.00)





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Wishon Golf Sterling Single Length Irons

  • The Sterling Single Length Irons with Selected Shaft available right hand. 5 Iron - PW.   GW, SW Sold Separately.



  • Guarantee   Tee Star Golf Products offers a limited money back guarantee on all our custom built clubs. We want you to be satisfied. If you are not satisfied, please contact us and we will give you instructions on how to return your order via United States Postal Service, Priority Mail prepaid.

    Our golf clubs are custom built to your individual specifications. We cannot warrant your satisfaction if you choose not to have Tee Star Golf Products build your golf club to your individual specifications.


    Your custom built golf club must be returned undamaged beyond what is considered customary and reasonable for normal usage. Our clubheads carry a lifetime warranty and the shafts we carry have a one year warranty. The clubheads and shafts sold by Tee Star Golf Products carry warranties against defects in the materials by the manufacture of said components. We will not warranty our custom built golf clubs if they have been misused.