A Modern Hybrid Design


The Wishon 775HS Hybrid features a thin, high COR, high strength HS 300 alloy face which delivers a higher ball velocity for more distance in a modern hybrid head design.  The unique 304 grade stainless steel hosel offers very easy bending adjustments to custom fit a much wider range of golfers.


The 775 HS Hybrids are designed with a split-level, narrowed primary sole width for more consistent shotmaking from both fairway or rough conditions.  The face of the 775HS Hybrid features a face progression in between an iron and a fairway wood to offer an appearance that generates more confidence with the shot.  




Head/Body Material:     17-4 Stainless Steel

Hosel Material:     304 Stainless Steel

Face Material:     HS 300 High Strength Steel  (NiCr Plated)

Loft:     18 Deg (2 Hybrid), 21 Deg. (3 Hybrid), 24 Deg. (4 Hybrid), 27 Deg. (5 Hybrid)

Lie:     58 Deg. (2 Hybrid), 59 Deg. (3 Hybrid), 60 Deg. (4 Hybrid), 61 Degree (5 Hybrid)

Weight:     232 gr. (2Hybrid), 239 gr. (3 Hybrid), 246 gr. (4 Hybrid), 253 gr. (5 Hybrid)

Face Height:     34 mm

Face Width:     64 mm

Hosel:     .335"


Player Profile:   High to Low Handicappers


Beautiful Black Gloss Body with Brushed Steel Face

Available in Right Hand Models (2 Hybrid, 3 Hybrid, 4 Hybrid, 5 Hybrid and Left Hand Model (3 Hybrid ONLY).


The Wishon 775HS Hybrid is built with the Wishon S2S White Graphite Hybrid shaft and Wishon V-Series Classic Grip.
Wrap Grip. 


Please provide Hybrid Length Preference (between 40" and 36")


Available Shafts  


Wishon S2S White Graphite - Wishon Golf's most popular shaft.  Designed with a slightly stiffer lower tip section to offer more control through impact for a tighter dispersion.

Flex:  Senior, Regular, Stiff     Weight:  73 Grams (Senior), 75 Grams (Regular), 78 Grams (Stiff),      Butt OD:  0.594" (Senior), .598" (Regular), .602" (Stiff)    Tip OD: .335”

Torque:  3.8 Deg. (Senior),  3.7 Deg. (Regular),  3.5 Deg. (Stiff)     Length (Raw): 41”



If you are interested in another shaft brand just e-mail us at teestarclubs@reagan.com and we will provide pricing.




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Wishon Golf 775HS Hybrids

  • The Wishon 775HS Hybrids with Selected Wishon S2S White Graphite Hybrid Shaft available right & Left Hand.  



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