Initially designed for Tour use based off of tour player feedback and the placing in the top 10 and 20 in multiple PGA Tournaments, Heater2 Hybrid Shaft gives the player optimum launch, distance, spin rate and trajectory.


The Penley Heater 2 Hybrid Shaft is an upgrade from the original Penley Heater Hybrid shaft.  Penley developed the Heater Hybrid 2 originally for the Pro Tour use, workiing with two major OEM Tour Vans in the testing and design process.


Ball trajectory is vital.  A high trajectory (ballooning) leaves the player short and a low (flat) trajectory give the player too much roll, overshooting the green.  The better ball strike is one that launches the ball a few degrees higher than the loft of the head and carries 80% of the distance to the target and then drops at a 50 to 55 degree angle to the target surface with virtually a soft impact and very little roll, allowing the player to achieve their desired distance with accuracy and confidence with every strike.




*  Increase shaft weight over original 80 gram model

* Higher kick point to keep the ball from ballooning to accommodate USGA groove rules

*  Incorporate "Tip to Butt Aspect Ratio" (TBAR) to stabilize shaft integrity for maximum accuracy and "FEEL"


The Heater 2 Hybrid takes the original Heater Hybrid to the next level and allows the player to achieve their desired distance with accuracy and confidence with every strike.


The Heater 2 Hybrid shaft now features Penley sleve and rings in Optic Yellow with a Gloss Black finish.


The Heater 2 Hybrid is available in Regular, Stiff and X-Stiff Flexes.




All Heater 2 Hybrid shafts are rolled and ground with handcrafted precision practiced by no other known manufacturer.  Mr. Carter Penley himself oversees the manufacturing and quality control of each and every shaft.




Weight (gr.):   90 gr. 

Length (in.):  41.5"

Tip Diameter (in.):   0.370"

Butt Diameter (in.):   0.600"

Torque (Deg.):  2.5 Deg.

TBAR*:   9.3/5.5 (Regular), 10.3/6.2 (Stiff), 11.1/6.9 (X-Stiff)


*  The TBAR (Tip to Butt Aspect Ratio) Algorithm is the determining flex factor, although Penley does apply common flex range description to help players determine which golf shaft is best suited for their level of play.



Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price:  $130.00



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Every Penley Golf Shaft is designed, manufactured and built in the USA in San Diego, California. Carter Penley designs and oversees all manufacturing and quality control of all Penley Shafts.


Penley Heater 2 Hybrid Shaft

  • The Heater 2 Hybrid is available in Regular, Stiff and X-Stiff Flexes.




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