ERG Golf introduces their new X1-Titanium Fairway Wood – a breakthrough in fairway wood technology.


The X1 fairway wood has a DAT55G forged titanium cup-face insert that creates a higher ball speed over standard titanium. The ERG X1-Ti fairway woods lower center of gravity design produces a higher launch angle with greater ball speed with effortless control.


Players will appreciate the cup-face design and technical build concept behind the ERG X1 Ti-fairway wood.


Beautiful Black Finish


Available in Right Hand Model Only.

The ERG Golf X1 Fairway Wood is built with the available UST/Mamaya MP-5 Shaft or Penley Shaft of your choice and Star Grip Tour Wrap Grip.


Lofts (Deg.):   Right Hand:   14 Deg. (#3), 18 Deg. (#5).

Lie Angle (Deg.):   60 Deg. (#3),  60.5 Deg. (#5).

Weight (Grams):    208 gr. (#3),  214 gr. (#5).

Volume:    170 cc  (#3),   160 cc (#5).

Bulge:   11 Deg.

Roll:   11 Deg.

Face Angle:   Square

Hosel (Inches): .335"

Face Material:   DAT55G Forged Titanium Cup-Face Insert.

Body Material:    17-4 Stainless Steel


Please provide Fairway Wood Length Preference (between 40" and 45"), depending on Loft.


Available Shafts 


UST/Mamaya MP-5 - Advanced aerospace micro poly technology with 38 Micro-Poly layers for improved feel without sacrificing performance. The low torque to weight ratio and the light weight delivers the punch needed.

Flex: Senior, Regular, Stiff     Weight: 50 Grams     Launch: High     Butt OD: 0.610”     Tip OD: .335”

Torque: 4.0 Deg. (Senior), 3.70 Deg. (Regular & Stiff)     Length (Raw): 46”


Penley Executive Player: Designed primarily for the mid to high handicap player who has a slower transition/swing speed, yet want to gain distance and accuracy.

Flex: Senior, Regular, Stiff     Weight: 66 Grams (Senior), 68 Grams (Regular), 70 Grams (Stiff)

Launch: Mid     Butt OD: 0.610”     Tip OD: 0.335”     Torque: 4.5 Deg. (Senior), 4.4 Deg. (Regular), 4.3 Deg. (Stiff)     Length (Raw): 45”


Penley ET2: The ET2 is a tour proven, high performance driver/Fairway Wood shaft. The ET2 is manufactured with Feel, Control, and Distance as the primary design drivers.

Flex: Regular, Stiff. X-Stiff     Weight: 70 Grams     Launch: Mid/Low     Butt OD: 0.600     Tip OD: 0.335”     Torque: 4.0 Deg. (Regular), 3.5 (Stiff), 2.9 (X-Stiff     Length (Raw): 46”



If you are interested in another shaft brand just e-mail us at and we will provide pricing.




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