Eagle Rebirth Golf V3 Forged Blade Irons


ERG Golf designed the V3 Forged Blade Irons utilizing Performance over "Hype".


The V3 Forged Blades produce a higher velocity with a penetrating ball flight necessary for creating game winning shots.





LOFT:     24 Deg. (4 Iron),  27 Deg. (5 Iron),  31 Deg. (6 Iron),  35 Deg. (7 Iron),  39 Deg. (8 Iron),  43 Deg. (9 Iron),   47 Deg. (PW)  

LIE (Deg.):   60.5 Deg. (4 Iron),  61 Deg. (5 Iron),  61.5 Deg. (6 Iron),  62 Deg. (7 Iron),  62.5 Deg. (8 Iron),  63 Deg. (9 Iron),   63.5 Deg. (PW)

LENGTH (Inches):   39"  (4 Iron),  38.5" (5 Iron),  38" (6 Iron),  37.5" (7 Iron),  37" (8 Iron),  36.5" (9 Iron),  36" (PW)

CONSTRUCTION:   1025 Forged

Sets:      KBS Tour Steel Shaft:   4 Iron thru PW (7 Irons  $595.00),   

              UST/Mamaya MP6 Graphite Shaft:    4 Iron thru PW  (7 Irons  $695.00).


Available in Right Hand Model Only.


The Eagle Rebirth Golf V3 Forged Blade Irons are built with KBS Tour Steel Shafts and Star Grip Tour Wrap Grip. 


Please provide 5 Iron Length Preference (38.5" 5-Iron Standard)


Available Shaft  

KBS Tour Steel Shaft

UST/mamaya MP6 Graphite Shaft



$7.95 Flat Rate Shipping and FREE SHIPPING on all US orders over $100.00

Eagle Rebirth Golf V3 Forged Blade Irons

  • The ERG V3 Forged Irons with KBS Tour Steel Shafts are available right hand. in 4 Iron - PW,  5 Iron - PW or 6 Iron - PW.

  • Guarantee   Tee Star Golf Products offers a limited money back guarantee on all our custom built clubs. We want you to be satisfied. If you are not satisfied, please contact us and we will give you instructions on how to return your order via United States Postal Service, Priority Mail prepaid.

    Our golf clubs are custom built to your individual specifications. We cannot warrant your satisfaction if you choose not to have Tee Star Golf Products build your golf club to your individual specifications.


    Your custom built golf club must be returned undamaged beyond what is considered customary and reasonable for normal usage. Our clubheads carry a lifetime warranty and the shafts we carry have a one year warranty. The clubheads and shafts sold by Tee Star Golf Products carry warranties against defects in the materials by the manufacture of said components. We will not warranty our custom built golf clubs if they have been misused.


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