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The Geek Golf DOT COM THIS  551 is  a forged head with a proprietary weight added directly behind the ball in the rear of the club skirt. The club head also features an integrated energy power slot on both sides of the head to compliment the weighting power bulge in the rear of the club.


The DOT COM THIS  551 is designed to decrease spin off the club head and as such will launch the ball lower that the stated loft (Good players DO NOT go to a higher loft in the DOT COM THIS 551). For slower swing speed players (i.e. higher handicappers), pick a loft higher than you would normally play. The resulting ball flight will be more boring with a flatter trajectory and more roll!


New Metallic Black Finish. There is not a club on the market today that sets up better than the DOT COM THIS  551 at the address position!


Available in Right Hand Model ONLY.      Also, available in DCT 551 White Version 9 Deg. and 10.5 Deg. ONLY).


Conforms with USGA and R & A Rules.  COR at .830 Legal Limit.


The Dot Com 551 is built with a UST/Mamiya Shaft or your choice and Star Grip Wrap Grip.


Lofts (Deg.):     9 Deg., 10.5 Deg.,  and 12 Deg.  

Size (cc): 460 cc

Lie Angle (Deg.): 58 Deg.

Weight (Grams): 198 gr.

Face Height (mm): 53 mm

Hosel (Inches): .335"

Material: Face: Beta Titanium;   Body: 90% 6AL/4V Titanium


Available Shafts  

UST/Mamiya MP-5

UST/Mamaya Proforce V2 Black 6 Series  (+$50.00)





UST/Mamaya MP-5 - Advanced aerospace micro poly technology with 38 Micro-Poly layers for improved feel without sacrificing performance. The low torque to weight ratio and the light weight delivers the punch needed.

Flex: Senior, Regular, Stiff    Weight: 50 Grams    Launch: High    Butt OD: 0.610”    Tip OD: .335”

Torque:  3.70 Deg. (Regular & Stiff)    Length (Raw): 46”


UST/Mamaya Proforce V2 Black 6 Series -  Same shaft as the NEW Proforce V2 with NEW Black graphics.  Medium Launch Angle.  Maximum Control and Stability.  Long Parallel Butt  Design that provides greater control in the hands of the golfer for both aggressive and smooth tempo players.  Stiff Tip Technology that provides golfers more spin control at impact.  Recoil Technology that provides optimal spring effect in the walls of the shaft and more efficient energy transfer to  the ball.

Flex:  Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff   Weight:   66 Grams   Launch:   Medium    Butt OD:  .600"   Tip OD:   .335"

Torque:   4.0 Deg.   Length:  46"



If you are interested in another shaft brand just e-mail us at and we will provide pricing.



$7.95 Flat Rate Shipping and FREE SHIPPING on all US orders over $100.00


SKU: geekdctdriverrh
  • Geek Dot Com This 551 Driver with Selected Shaft available right and left hand. 9, 10.5, 12 and 14 degree available.



  • Guarantee   Tee Star Golf Products offers a limited money back guarantee on all our custom built clubs. We want you to be satisfied. If you are not satisfied, please contact us and we will give you instructions on how to return your order via United States Postal Service, Priority Mail prepaid.

    Our golf clubs are custom built to your individual specifications. We cannot warrant your satisfaction if you choose not to have Tee Star Golf Products build your golf club to your individual specifications.


    Your custom built golf club must be returned undamaged beyond what is considered customary and reasonable for normal usage. Our clubheads carry a lifetime warranty and the shafts we carry have a one year warranty. The clubheads and shafts sold by Tee Star Golf Products carry warranties against defects in the materials by the manufacture of said components. We will not warranty our custom built golf clubs if they have been misused.

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