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House of Forged Express Graphite Shafts
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The brand new House of Forged EXPRESS standard driver shaft is a direct take-off of the House of Forged Patriot, Jamie Sadlowski, and John Daly signature series shafts.  The Express features MATRIX'S proprietary TTR (Tip-Torsion-Resistance) technology to offer a shaft that is strong from butt-to-tip with elasticity across the shaft, and which will propel the ball with as much speed as possible, while lowering the ball-spin rate for a boring ball-flight and less side-to-side dispersion in the same manner as the House of Forged line of championship-winning long-drive shafts.

The Express is recommended for stronger golfers who have been playing 65 gram weight or heavier shafts, and who are at the middle or the higher end of a swing-speed pattern.

These standard weight (63 - 75 gram) weight shafts will dominate the so-called "premium" golf shafts of other manufacturers that cost three times as much.
  The Express has progressively higher bend-points and lower lorque that ranges from 3.9 degrees down to 2.9 degrees.

Flex:   Senior (A) Flex,  Regular (R) Flex,  Stiff (S) Flex,  X-Stiff (XS) Flex,  XX-Stiff (XXS) Flex

Length (Inches):   46"

Weight (Grams):   Senior (63 grams),  Regular (66 grams),  Stiff (67 grams),  X-Stiff (69 grams),  XX-Stiff (75 grams)

Frequency (CPM):  Senior (230),  Regular (245),  Stiff (255),  X-Stiff (265),  XX-Stiff (275)

Torque:   Senior (3.9),  Regular (3.5),  Stiff (3.3),  X-Stiff (3.1),  XX-Stiff (2.9)

Bend Point:   Senior (Mid),  Regular (Mid),  Siff (Mid/High),  X-Stiff (High),  XX-Stiff (High)

Tip:    Medium

Swing Speed:   Senior ( 70-80 mph),  Regular (80-95 mph),  Stiff (90-105 mph),  X-Stiff (105-115 mph),  XX-Stiff (115+ mph)

Suggested Retail Price:     $149.00

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